My name is Johnathan Wedgwood and I am a Dweeb. You may have heard of this word before used as an insult, I prefer to think of it as a level of greatness few people get to experience. I am an aspiring writer working on a series of books I hope to publish in the near future (March 2018 is the goal for my first novel). Currently living in the Atlanta area with my dog Lloyd, and my family.  Moved from the Seattle area in February of 2017.

I will be using this site as a central hub of all things me. Blogging about my life as I go through the writing process and keeping the general public aware of all my goings on. I am sorry general public, but you have been warned.  Please also follow me on social media as I will occasionally post things of importance there.

E-Mail: JohnathanWedgwood@gmail.com

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Tumblr: JohnathanWedgwood.tumblr.com